Book Your Vacation Package Direct

Most travel booking web sites are online travel agencies, who claim to have the best deals. But do they? The best hotel packages are generally found directly on the hotel’s website. Here’s why you should always book directly with the hotel.

  1. It’s the best value on the internet | It’s rare to find a lower rate online. If you do, the hotel will normally match it!
  2. Book now, pay later | Hotels and resorts normally don’t charge your credit card until you check-in, whereas other sites charge right after you make reservations.
  3. Changes are easy to make | Changes to your reservation can be made easily because you’re communicating directly with the hotel instead of a third-party travel agency.
  4. No booking fees | The hotel directly controls room availability and rates on their web site. Online travel agencies will often raise the room rates or demand booking fees.
  5. Privacy | When you make a booking or sign up for a hotel or resort’s specials, you don’t have to worry about your information being shared or sold to anyone else.
  6. Security | Bookings made on the hotel site are normally in a secure system where your information is automatically encrypted.


With Getaway Packages, you’ll always book directly with the hotel. No middleman means you’ll save on fees and get more value with your package.