Guide to Savvy Summer Travels


Whether you’re planning to travel across country or around the corner, for a month or just a weekend, here are more helpful tips to avoid disaster and have a great summer vacation.

Pack healthy snacks

It’s easy to eat junk when you’re on the road, but you want to be feeling your best when you reach your destination. Pack some healthy snacks for when you’re on the go. You’ll feel more energized for bigger adventures!

Don’t get burned

Don’t forget to pack (and frequently apply!) the most important summer travel essential —sunblock. There’s nothing that can ruin a vacation faster than a painful sunburn and lobster-pink skin.


Eat like a local

Seek out local eateries for a more authentic experience. You’ll save money by avoiding expensive tourist traps and enjoy delicious local specialties.


End it with something special

Arrange a special activity on one of the last days of your vacation. You’ll have something to look forward to and gain special memories to savor on the trip home. Depending on your locale, consider a hot air balloon ride, a sunset dinner cruise or perhaps a spectacular live performance.


Your body is on vacation and your mind should be too. Put away your phone and stop checking your email. You won’t be able to truly relax and unwind if you’re plugged in. Spend time with the people around you and take it all in.