Beer Tours of Charleston | Charleston, South Carolina


Not only is Charleston popular for its incredible cuisine, it has also become home to a blossoming craft beer scene. These tours will help you to see and drink the best of Charleston!


Original Pub Tour of Charleston

Take a tour of Charleston’s best pubs. The Original Pub Tour of Charleston is two and a half hours long and stops at 3-5 spots. Enjoy appetizers while your guides teach you about the history of the city, and about the beer you’re drinking. Drinks aren’t included in the ticket price, but you’ll be able to buy them at each pub.


Charleston Brews Cruise

The Charleston Brews Cruise is a three hour bus tour that takes you around to some of the best breweries in Charleston. You’ll try four or five samples at every stop. If you find one you love, you can buy it and store it in a cooler on the bus!

Food Tours of Charleston | Charleston, South Carolina


Charleston, South Carolina is rich in history and southern charm. It was recently featured in USA Today Travel for its popularity as a culinary and beverage destination. While you’re in Charleston, take a food tour! You’ll get to see the sights of the city and taste some of its best fare!

Culinary Tours of Charleston, Savor the Flavors

This two and a half hour tour walks you through Charleston and immerses you in the history of the city and its cuisine. You’ll stop by local eateries, bakeries, and culinary landmarks and sample the best food that Charleston has to offer. Taste southern classics like barbeque, collard greens, sweet tea, grits, and pralines! Tours must be booked in advance, so reserve yours today.


Charleston Culinary Tours, The Farmer’s Market Tour

The Charleston Farmers Market is an incredible experience for any “foodie.” Make the most of your time at the market on the three-hour Farmer’s Market Tour. It begins with a walk through the market with a guide and a chef who will help you find (and sample!) the best ingredients. As you depart on a walking tour with your guide, the chef stays behind to prepare a meal with the ingredients that you just found at the market! After seeing the city, you’ll come back to a delicious brunch.